Perennial Growth
Generally, embroidered logos for uniforms of the banking, finance or insurance business sector tend to be subtle. Maybe 1, 2 or 3 colours and not bigger than absolutely necessary. But Walter from Perennial Growth is not subtle. His brief for this logo was detail, detail and more detail. And make it big. In your face big because he wanted every element of his crest to shine, to breath life into his lion & dragon. 
When preparing any logo, especially one like this, the first consideration is always; What will it be embroidered onto and at what size?  He chose Biz Collection's S912ML Regent shirt. Being a 100% Premium Cotton with a herringbone weave meant it was super soft, yet very stable for a design like this. And at 10cm x 10cm, we had the size to fit all the elements he needed to make this embroidery stand out.
Digitised in-house (as all our custom embroidered logos are) we turned his 2D image into a rich, beautiful embroidery with the final result using eight thread colours and zero fabric puckering. As much as we love celebrating the detail of these kinds of designs, we love more the reaction of our customers. Walter was very happy. We had exceeded his expectations for what was possible, especially given that other embroiderers told him it couldn't be done. 










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