Activ Your Brand with Merch
Thoughtfully chosen, well branded corporate merchandise can gain and retain more than just people. 
Businesses use merch products to increase brand awareness. The next most popular reasons were: adding value to attendees at events or activities, reinforcing brand value, connecting with consumers and creating a way to stand out from competitors.

Merch products are one of the most high-impact, cost effective advertising mediums.

Increase in positive overall image
More positive perception of the business
Higher likelihood of recommending the business
Higher likelihood of purchasing from the business
58% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years.

Below is a broad selection of merch to consider pairing with your brand.
Apparel & Headwear are always a great choice as you're clothing not just your intended recipient, but they're bringing your brand to the attention of those around them.
And with multiple decoration options available, you can have your brand as subtle or as "look at me" as you need.
Supaetch is an on-trend decoration method making the most of the recent advancements in technology. The laser-etched suede patch is laser-cut then overlocked onto a range of products like headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves. The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, showcasing both the product and your brand in a professional manner with a high perceived value and retail look.
Bags, backpacks, totes, slings, satchels, duffels and more. What better way for your brand to carry on. 
Or lifestyle products to enhance the daily and leisure life of your valued clients, staff, trade show attendees or marketing campaign recipients.
Please browse some ideas below.
Low MOQ on some items which means you can have multiple items for different groups or
you're new to merch and would like to expand your brand's reach.



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