Great Threadpectations
Embroidery is almost a living thing. We love love love to see images come to life through embroidery. There’s a beauty, richness and longevity that only embroidery can deliver.


The best artwork won't always produce the best embroidery. It helps but the final finish depends on the vision of the digitiser and the skill of the embroidery machine operator.


Embroidered Rock Jam logo on cap

In choosing a stitch type, the direction it runs and how much of it to use on any given part of a design is through experience but the vision is honed through years of understanding what a customer wants to achieve.


Embroidered Elysian Beauty Tunic 

 Embroidery will elevate and enhance the garment and in most cases, outlast it as well.


Embroidered Guilty Apron
Whether it's one colour or many,
Embroidered 1957 Cadillac
the expectation is to recreate the design as true to the original as possible.
Embroidered Fish Anchor
Or render with multiple line thicknesses to embroider a 2D image to life.
Embroidered Cabbage Roots
Lightweight jersey cotton tee despite lots of wavy and closely packed embroidered lines.
Embroidered Roots
Embroidered Pizza Oven Fire
For larger embroideries like this woodfired oven badge, the simple stitch effects of the bricks and mortar highlight the perspective of the fire and logs.
Embroidered RSL Crest
Corporate logos can be true to life as well with our high expectations.
Embroidered Austra Pest Polo
Thread colour blending can be an effective visual.
Embroidered Skull Mohawk
With stitches layered and moving in all directions, we maintain these perfect circles.
Embroidered MJ Mistress Seat
Giving a plain vinyl Landcruiser seat back the detailed embroidery treatment.
Embroidered Thistle Stole
All designs deserve clean sharp lines.
Embroidered Skull Swords
No embroiderer's portfolio is complete without at least one skull.
Embroidered Eye
A couple of stitch types but with multiple stitch effects gives this eye a microscopic level of detail.
Embroidered Guitar Player
While the guitar is sharp, it's the hands and skin blend that make this embroidery dynamic.
Embroidered Finance Crest
Taking a crisp white business shirt to the next level with this regal emblem.
If you would like to partner with us to bring your logo to life and see
where great threadpectations are realised,
please contact us to discuss yours. 



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