Denim Works

Has anyone not ever worn a denim shirt? Since the pioneering days of the American frontier the denim shirt has become an icon around the globe. As a uniform, it's the perfect dressed up casual piece that brings your favourite weekend wear to the office. Generic in its familiarity but unique in the feeling it evokes when worn, its supple strength lends itself to simple or detailed embroidery. Perfect for large back embroideries. Soft, cool cotton that just gets better with age, our denim shirts suit most workplaces and industries. 

Coastal resorts, Boutique accommodation, Urban hotels.
Cafes, Pubs, Bistros and Local Club Uniforms.
Cellar Door, Craft Beverages, Distilleries.
Entertainment, Tourism and Travel.
Corporate Event and Venue staff.
Contemporary Products and Design Services.
Retail and General Casual Uniform.
School and Educational Staff.

Most brands have a denim shirt option so whether you're after a light denim or dark, short or long sleeve or even a denim dress, we have you covered. 





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