Free Home Hero Tee

It's a proven scientific fact that right now, self isolating at home is the best thing we can do to stay safe and #slowthespread of Covid-19.

You might be writing, composing or drawing a masterpiece. Exercising, reading, or playing that thing you never had time for before. Baking, educating or a million other things to fill the days and nights. Or you might be staring into the abyss wondering when the hell is this going to end. Whatever it is that you're doing, it's important to you and that's important to us all because it helps save lives and allows our doctors, nurses and other essential workers get on with their important work. 

You at home are not forgotten though. We think you're heroes too and for a very limited time, we'd like to gift you your very own embroidered HOME HERO TEE. Or you might like to gift one to someone else who's your Home Hero. 

You choose the shirt colour and size along with a thread colour and the best part is you get to personalise it with your unique Home Hero name and centre initial. Think of it as your home away at home uniform. Could be a unique super power, something that inspires your creativity, a weird obsession. Co-ordinate the tee with your pjs, sweatpants, underpants (for that retro look) or even no pants. And share (not no pants please) using #HomeHeroTee on Instagram and tag us to be featured on our story.

We hope you have fun with the names and enjoy the unlimited satisfaction of saving the world in your Home Hero Tee.

*This offer is for Australian addresses only until 30/05/2020.

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